Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Senior Day Loot

How cute is the bear with that stan state soccer tshirt and those little cleats! I can't even talk about the framed jersey... I'm speechless.

Bomb Squad!

Me Bri and Jade play forward together and have awesome chemistry. I play center, Bri plays right and Jade plays left. We like to call ourselves the bomb squad. Not really sure how it started but we think its hilarious.

Senior Day!

Sunday was my soccer Senior Day! Senior Day is usually the last home game of the season, where the seniors on the team are honored for, you know, all of their hard work... dedication etc... =) haha but anyways, there are seven seniors on our team which is a huge senior class. Usually by the end of four years there are only a few seniors left on the team. I was kind of dreading my own senior day because I thought it would be extremely depressing. My soccer career is coming to an end and let's just say I'm not counting down the days. Let's just say that my senior day was better than I could have ever possibly imagined. It started out with team breakfast where our coach let the seniors order whatever they wanted instead of the usual breakfast we have to get at Perko's. Delicious! Then we went to the locker room where the girls had made us each our own posters and they had all written us little notes. There were balloons everywhere and our lockers were decorated. They gave us each these pink glittery crowns which we looked amazing in. We went to the field where before the game started each senior walked out to the middle of the field with their family as the announcer read a little paragraph that our coach had written about each of us. I almost cried at that point but I was able to hold it together. Gabe said some beyond nice things about me as a player. Before we walked out, he gave us each our black jerseys that he had framed for us. This was too much, I may have shed a tear or two. The girls gave us each gifts to open as we stood out on the field. They were build a bears with CSU stanislaus soccer t shirts and little cleats. They are adorable! Lance brought me beautiful flowers and it was cute because i could tell he was a little embarrassed giving them to me in front of my whole team. The game started and we were all surprised because Gabe wasn't yelling at us from the sideline. He told me later that he couldnt coach because he was crying. it was kind of sweet. The cherry on the top of my senior day cake was the goal I scored. I have never been more excited about any goal I have ever scored. It was one of the coolest goals and it being on senior day made it that much better. We won the game 3-2. I will always remember that day as one of my most memorable soccer experiences.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rocky and Spazzy McGee

I have 2 new kittens who I have named Rocky and Spazzy McGee. My mom's friend was giving them away and Lance and I sort of have a mice/rat problem at our house in the wilderness. It seemed like a good fit. And they are really cute to say the least! Rocky is really quiet and calm. She likes to watch her brother be a nut. Spazzy Mcgee is a spaz. He likes to jump around everywhere all the time. His other favorite activity is picking on his sister. She only takes so much though before she tackles him and has him pinned. Its funny because she is smaller. They crack me up! Rocky is the gray one and Spazzy is the white one.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In case you haven't heard, my puppy was hit by a car a few weeks ago and she passed away. Lance and I both took it really hard. Mia was the closest thing to a child that we had. She was my best friend besides Lance. She protected me at night while lance was working. She would follow me around everywhere I went in the house at night. She would sleep in front of the door in my room but on nights when Lance was there she would sleep in her bed. She was my protector and buddy. She loved everyone, even cats. She found everything in life to be fascinating. I learned so much from her. I will miss you Mia. And I will see you again in all of your glory. All dogs go to Heaven! I highly doubt she is resting where she is. She is probably making friends and playing her little heart out right this second.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Get Away Weekend

Lance and I decided to celebrate our 1rst anniversary a little bit early. Lance has to work on our anniversary and this was the best weekend to go so we just went. We stayed in Monterey and visited Carmel where we stayed on our honeymoon. We went to all of the main spots that we went to a year ago. In Monterey we went to Cannery Row and to Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. On friday night we watched the sun set on the pier. Very romantic :) We had delicious Clam Chowder at a really nice restaurant at the Old Fishermanns Wharf. We had the best seats in the house overlooking the water and there were otters swimming around while we ate. They were really cute! I really liked the otters. On Saturday we spent the day in Carmel. We started the day at the beach which was really fun. Lance is not a huge fan of the beach but he didn't complain because he knew I really like it. We went into a lot of stores and looked at all of the ridiculously priced items and then moved on and looked at the ridiculously priced art. It was fun though. We went by the ridiculously priced Inn that we stayed in on our honeymoon and waved. The Monterey Best Western that we stayed in was actually pretty nice. It didn't quite measure up to the Coachman's Inn though :) where we stayed. The Hog's Breath Restaurant in Carmel was lance's favorite spot. Lance is convinced that it is the best food on the face of the Earth. It was pretty good. Here are some pictures from our trip -

Our vacation began in the car as many great ones do. Lance was not liking having his picture taken. He had better get used to it! He'll be a seasoned pro by the end of our weekend :)

Our day in Monterey begins at the wharf!

My face is a little to close to the camera in this one :) oops... hey is that Lance behind me?

In a tourist shop, we decided to do a hat fashion show...

I don't really know about this one.

Lance's Hugh Heffner hat...

This one looks pretty good. Dallin would be jealous.

Our otter lunch mate!

Lance made friends on the way to the beach!

Well I really wanted a picture with the ocean in the background. We were on a hill, however. And yes, right after the picture was taken, we slipped and fell down the hill. Yeah...

Today is a good day. Smiles all around

We got a whiff of some not so nice beach smells. yucky! It quickly passed.

Day at the Beach - It is not 110 degrees here!

Smoochin on the beach

This is Lance in front of his favorite restaurant. He had just eaten there and looks so happy:)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I thought I would put up some springy/summery pictures of our house. I love it, although it is a drive to get to school. It is very peaceful out where we are. That is a nice way of saying we live in the boonies =). At least it is pretty boonies though. I guess it could be like ugly Nevada boonies.